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Vetta-Drabble Challenge The Third - Here Come The Girls!

Here's my first entry. I figure I may as well start posting, because some of the others might be a little ... late.

Nerina Pallot - Lyrics from Sofia

And now I walk these streets like a stranger in my home town,
Learn the language, form the words when I speak.
But he changed me, I’m his ghost since he came around
Now I count the hours, and the days and the weeks…..
In passion and silence,
Every word, every line a measure
It’s the science of the soul.


Faye stood in front of the mirror, examining her eyes.

Did they look different, she wondered? She looked closer for any hint of the hurt that she felt inside.

The day he left, these same eyes had cried for him, real tears, plump and wet, rolling down her face like some little girl crying for her mother.

But Faye didn’t have a mother, and her home was gone, long gone.

They were all she had.

And now, looking at those same eyes, she remembered the way his had looked, when he’d stuck his face closer to her than it had ever been before, in all the months that they had shared ship space.

Her heart was breaking, and all he could say was that he couldn’t see, couldn’t see her, couldn’t see anything but the past he had before them.

Faye never cried for anyone, but she cried for him.

You went away just when I needed you.

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