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"[D]reamworld" for Cowboy Bebop Drabble Challenge '11 - Alphabet Soup

D - Dreamworld by Rilo Kiley
Me and you and what we'd do for money
This greed and jealousy turn to need
See, I'm a man with a plan to use my hands
I'm touching yours, you're the girl who wanted more
Now, baby, the story has faded from love to lie

Faye stabbed the knife through the steak and cut it in half. I really need to get some help for this gambling thing. She had lost the bet with Spike and now had to share the steak that she had bought for herself with her share of the bounty.

The bounty head was a small fry and payout was even smaller, and she had a taste for a nice juicy Venusian steak.  Spike bought smokes with his share, but kept eying the package with her steak. Somehow he convinced her to wager, and in a moment of stupidity, she actually fell for it. And lost, which led to a heated argument between the two of them. Jet, in a fit of pique, announced that he was taking a break from cooking and providing groceries for the lazy crew, and they were on their own.

She looked down at the steak, trying to decide which piece was better. Eenie meenie miny moe ... she chose one side and slapped it down on Spike's plate. She looked around her to see if he was nearby, then sneaked a sliver from his share and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Is that my piece?" Spike came into the room and looked down at the two plates.

Faye chewed furiously and nodded her head.

"Are you eating already?"

Faye swallowed hard before answering. "Of course not," she protested. "Didn't we agree that you would measure them?"

Spike came closer and peered at the two halves. "I could have sworn that that steak was bigger," he mumbled.

Faye scoffed. "If you knew anything, you would know that meat shrinks after it's cooked." She turned to him. "Do you even know how to cook?"

Spike grinned. "Have you ever seen me in the kitchen?"

She tossed her head. "My point exactly." She slid his plate towards him. "There's yours. We're even now." She picked up her plate and walked into the common room. She resisted the urge to turn around. She flopped down on the couch and dug in.


She looked up. Spike was walking towards her with a scowl on his face. "What's this black stuff on the bottom of my steak?"

She smiled sweetly. "Oh. Didn't you say well done?"

"Well done, not burned." He stamped over to her and peered down at her plate. "Wait, let me see what your piece-"

Faye sank her fork into the last piece and popped it in her mouth. "What piece?"

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